Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pharmaceuticals sure are great, but...

There's one side effect of Zoloft that you don't hear much about in the's a very serious side effect that greatly diminishes one's ability to enjoy a favorite pastime, especially among males.

That effect is...anorgasmia. For the laymen out there, it's the inability or diminished ability to have an orgasm. Let me tell you, I'm only a few days in to my treatment, and it's already hit me. Now I'm gonna have to find an hour or more each time I want to indulge, so to speak.


Thank the wonderful scientists who invented good lube, because otherwise, I'm sure millions of people who are on these antidepressants would be beating themselves more way than one.


  1. makes me glad I got over my depression drug-free. well pharmaceuticals.
    sorry man Hope it gets better for you
    add my bro

  2. hahaha Oh dear, that sounds sucky.

    I love pharmaceuticals. I'm a codeinewhore but I've recently been introduced to codydramol and this shit's awesome <333

  3. hahah well said "TMI" ;)
    And yes thanks to scientists and perverts we now got some dope ass lube! :D

  4. Thank god I don't get depressed.