Monday, March 28, 2011

Good morning! (or afternooon hehe)

Well, I woke up today feeling kind of shitty. Physically, though. I just slept so peacefully that I felt like I was rising from the dead XD

Last night I went over to my good friend Michael Benbretti's house. Aside from being one of the few people I explicitly trust with my life and would be willing to give him power of attorney should I be somehow incapacitated, he's also one of the most badass guitar players I've ever seen. He can literally play anything, even the type of stuff Buckethead plays. He maintains a studio in his basement, which is where he taught me the basics of music theory and even got me started on engineering, which I mostly taught myself when I got Propellerheads' Reason.

I'll post more music when I get some things organized.

In other news, I just read on another blog that the average breast size in Russia is a D cup or over. I have two comments on that. First, HOLY SHIT! Second...anyone up for a trip for boozing and beautiful, hardy women? Ha, good times.

In lieu of having any major observations about the world right now, I'll come up with a poem on the fly. How about a nice sonnet? Yeah...sonnets.

Flash echoing across the landscape,
A fleeting impression of a chaotic event,
New life taking shape,
The old is left to die without lament.

The newborn is doomed to the same fate,
As none can escape birth nor death,
This fact, many who fear do hate,
But the wise accept; enjoy every breath.

Life here after or oblivion awaiting,
Is no excuse to suffer while living,
Though the pressures of life make us think,
To open our arms to the end, welcoming.

The past nor the future is our savior,
We need only make the best of this moment.


The reason I love writing sonnets is that, thanks to their structure, they always end up being something much different than I intended. Still, enjoy! I hope you're all doing great.


  1. Great post, keep it up, and your friend sounds like the kind of man I would marry in a completely heterosexual "you-get-custody-of-the-kids" kind of way.

  2. "Well, I woke up today feeling kind of shitty" made me bust out into a Kesha song :-P

  3. Sounds like you two are the kind of guys from "I Love You Man" haha :)

  4. i liked your text about the shrooms :)