Thursday, March 24, 2011

Medical marijuana taking the market by storm...really? XD

So, medical marijuana sales have grown past Viagra now, and with an actual report on just how boomin' a business bud is, investor-types are starting to look at how big a cash cow it is.

Funny, I thought any investor with half a brain would have known that a substance that's safe, effective, and was illegal for 60ish years was going to be a huge moneymaker.

Just wait 'till it's legal for recreational use in a couple states. But, considering the hard line Republicans are taking on the issue, it might be a problem since I'm pretty sure the Democrats' rule is going to come to an end pretty fast. If Obama doesn't get re-elected, we could easily start seeing raids on dispensaries again.

I hope not, because there'll be a lot of really angry potheads if that ever happens.

Anyway, got the doctor's appointment today, but apparently my doctor has a new PAC, so I hope I can keep my anxiety in check since I've never met the dude who's gonna be writing my scrips today.


  1. Either way nothings going to stop me from smoking O: hope to read more!

  2. I hope, they'll do it here in Germany :D

  3. lolol, im from the Netherlands. Hello legal weed and other drugs :D

  4. these comments are funny, good stuff my good man.

  5. Time to legalize that stuff :P Too bad I live in Sweden.. Dödsknark ftw