Friday, April 1, 2011

Want more writing?

Life's going pretty okay lately. No job yet, but I'm starting to feel more hopeful. If you read the post about the zoloft side-effect I'm experiencing...lemme tell's not getting any better.

Anyway, do you guys want to read more short stories? I'd be glad to share the few I already have and even pen a few if you like. And if any of you know some publishers, lemme know ;) I'd write more, because I love doing it, but it's hard to feel motivated since I don't think my writing's anything to write home about (see what I did there?)

Laptop goes in tomorrow, but if it seems you guys want to read another story, I'll post one before I box this baby up.

As far as my usual social is it possible for two independent people to be in a relationship? True, I'm dependent on my meds to keep from having psychotic breaks, but I try to internalize my problems. This blog is just me trying to tear down the wall a little and open up WITHOUT becoming dependent on others to make me happy. The woman I love is the same way, except more so. Even though we've been together once, the people we grew in to are so strong-willed and all that, that it seems like neither of us is willing to let the other make a move.

I don't have a solution for that problem yet, or even much more to say about it. I still have a lot of thinking to do.


  1. Think of relationships as you do farming. More effort = better rewards.

  2. Well I'm glad you are using the blog positively in your life. I'm sure over time you'll realize how fruitful your posts have been on your life.

    Do keep us updated, I enjoy your posts :)

  3. i always enjoy your posts. keep em coming!